Today I found a pebble in a rocky trickling stream and it reminded me of the voice of my grandfather. I rolled it around in my hand looking at the color and texture and it took me back to a time so many years before. The pebble with red and gray made me so sad wishing time could be reversed and days could be relived.

Simple times when cool days resembled the love we felt for family.

Today I stepped in a cold mountain stream. As the clear cool water rushed around my feet I returned to a similar place of youth. TIme then was so worry free. Wishes for longer days filled my mind. Time has found me now, here in this cold stream, alone.

Memories so bitter sweet come calling when least expected. I fear the embracing and cherish the warmth of their nearness. Such an irony in metaphoric illusion.

For a moment I saw the face of my mother beside me, felt the enormity of my grandfathers hand guiding me, saw the smile of my father upon me, and even knew the presence of a grandmother I have never known.

Today I found a pebble and as I slipped it in my pocket. The weight of a childhood well lived and cherished settled permanent in my being. I will keep the pebble and each time I hold it I will remember and smile.

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