Sometimes I get a little eager like when the kids are outside playing and I feel the urge to sing loud and dance.

The words flow off my tongue like Britney Spears, and in that moment I feel the flow of glistening blonde tresses dancing around my cheek.

Pretending as they walk in with their, “What’s for dinner mom?” that nothing insane had compelled me, spatula microphone still in hand tossing fried potatoes.

Then I say, “I’m sorry,” kind of silent under breath still resonating the last chorus of Opp’s I did again.

Once in a while I get lost in a daydream. One of those fantastical moments where mesmerizing and sunset meet for the first time embracing one another like forlorn lovers lost at sea.

The sea luring and vast, calming and eternal. The sea, sometimes calls me.

When I was young the future was a sea and each day a sunset mesmerizing me with possibility.

Sometimes I wonder where possibility has gone.  I never permitted it to leave.

The empty playground haunts the reality of age as I walk past.

Were were friends once time, possibility, and I.

Sometimes I wish for those things I forgot to wish for when I took forever for granted.

Sometimes I cry.

One thought on “Sometimes

  1. How much simpler it would be to live life without mirrors. To be free in the space of hope and imagination without the boundaries of time or circumstance. To live only in the reflection of rose colored glass and the illusion of a world more perfect and unblemished than the harsh realities the mirrors bring. Yet still in every soul is an eternal youth. An unchanging hope of dreams yet unfulfilled, a childlike whimsy of beauty and life in a simpler sweeter perspective. Embracing this childlike awe and wonder is what makes life forever captivating, hopeful, joyful. I believe it was the intention of our creator that we never lose this place of wonder, this childlike perspective. Always nurturing dreams and hopes keeps the heart alive. Life without this wonder and hope is life surrounded by mirrors, suffocated by physical limitations or reality of circumstance. Believing beyond such things is what makes impossible dreams come true. Oh let me live in a world not governed by mirrors but alive in the childlike wonder of hope and possibility!
    Keep dancing, keep singing, keep dreaming! For dreams can still come true and in the dream is life for your soul!

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