We Are One

Please don’t reinvent me.

Pass by me and admire the handiwork of a God who saw something different for me than you.

Reverse those thoughts of need and want replacing them by strings of butterflies opening fresh from the cocoon of darkened nights.

Like the trail of a shooting star I will shine in the lingering whisper of a wish made in silence in a head full of dreams and fairytales.

I want to be courage in a world where there is fear in those things we cannot see.

I live light in a life where mediocre is the average best and the next chapter of enlightenment is skipped.

Like the opening of circus I arrive five minutes late to catch the attention of the fat man who smiles at me, so afraid of the crowd.

Don’t look down on me if I do not fit the mold of who is best and who is next in your repritoire of runners up and second bests.

Dancing like a whirl wind I will offer little resistance to the minuscule existence of one who dared to subsume long enough to steal a breath.

Pass by me as I walk alone, merging with the expectations of stronger voices and more harmonious choruses.

Leave me there amidst chiding laughter and endless ever afters.

I will define bravery in your moment of contemplated absurdity.

I will get by in this world of birds of a feather pluck each other and if I rise less bald than you I will know I have not resorted to the empirical fortitude of making noise that blends.

In this place as a mime I will dance in a way that masks the love and loneliness of my kind, a kind who beg from the corner, and walk slower, braving the courage to forego wickedness and embrace a rhythm of stillness.

Know it or not we are one in kind you and I with veins full of blood and potential pain.

We are time you and I. One day when you walk alone you will become me and I you.

Stand and make voices jealous of the off key brilliance in a sound no one has heard, yet all stop and listen in privacy so not to be observed aware of me.

Walk by me just once and learn the light over the horizon never really disappears waiting still, following as it comes back around, taking my hand.

We go on and on despite your endeavor to pummel my efforts to breath freely.

Don’t be afraid to call me friend and open your conscience to an recognition that God is in everyone and time supersedes those melancholy moments of poking fun and laughing at me as we pass by.

Take a chance and remember when this day is done we are one.

Because God has eyes and despite the flagrance and turpitude hie love will prevail when to no avail I ask you to whisper softly as I sing out of key.

Tread delicately upon my leaves in the labyrinth where you rein superior for a time unknowing the immenseness of a world that does not know you.

A world where magic can make me a little more beautiful escalating my voice to a sound heard by all nations under the sun and moon.

Then you will realize we are unambiguously one.

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