Taste of Love

Show me how to love deeper like a slow walk in the rain storm long after the sun’s gone down.

Believing the sun can move and forever stands still for just another day.

Revolving around you, music in the clouds little birds dancing to our words.

If only there was more time to taste the excitement under clouds at night.

My nakedness a revealing cold as the emotion in your heart brings us together.

We lock eyes without meaning.

The edge we’re sitting on is a narrow lonely place.

We clamber thoughts of who we are without realizing we are already here in this moment a second becomes a forever we can’t erase.

Where we wish for rainbows we’ve never seen and taste their cotton candy colors like cherry drops.

Our tastes do deceive.

My heart stops grabbing ahold of your despondent soul.

We laugh for a while as I cry silent hoping for a sign.

Maybe tonight I’ll take your hand if you let me.

Love shouldn’t be so hard in a place where there is no second chance at today and love can be ripped away.

Take a walk with me dear one more time in the rain and replay the movement of that still sun as it falls to the ground before I walk away.

Forever goes down as the world moves round and round.

Forever a somewhere only we know because we danced there in our dreams.

Simple life where have your gone.

This taste I’m tasting such salty tears not  candy only bitterness and fear.

Fear illusive and all knowing in the darkness where I silently feel for your hand one last time.

Maybe someday I’ll see you again and we won’t focus on the end.

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