It’s a Lie – Words Can Hurt Me

Sticks and stones are weapons and words…words can hurt me.

Sticks that break bones cause pain and though I fear the rumors that cause waves in the tide of human nature.

The ocean of forgiveness is deep, yet the failing courage to brave the unknown in shark infested waters I hang my head and stand alone.

I protest the wrong silently in a vein attempt to buy time in a place I chose to be, want to be, need to be.

Effort is the scarlet letter of vengeance pinned to my chest by one born of hatred and bread in the beating womb of evil.

I wear these wounds like decorations.

I will not keep score, for I hold more value in  integrity, more conscience than tears.

Amplifying silent screams of loneliness in a cave of dark lies and intwined disgrace for the words spoken like shells from a 12 gauge thrusting the normal we knew into the cavernous hole of where we never wanted to be,

The failing heart beats slowly now, thoughts clouded in sympathies few dare to offer, so they stare.

Capitalism and Socialism threaten to take over a nation of the brave, yet few care in silence and spread noise on their own porch echoing vibrations in their own hallways.

They won’t come too close.

So I stand so I can be seen and through the changing of the tide rise, rise high and grab the sun by reverberating rays.

I leap over than the words swung low and cowardly.

Know it or not the words, those every words that defeat me impeach me to reach beyond the diligence compacted in their untruths.

Like a carnivorous animal I digest and regress to a place where fairytales and God coexist in a reality conceived by man.

There in the sacredness of what we only hope to know I am sure those words which cut like the thief’s dull knife will slowly retreat with the ebbing of the tide.

There in that place I am free from the words you cast at me.

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