This Day

I wrote a day in the book of life.

Each step is planned.

The chorus is scored upon each page.

Hear the cymbals crash.

Each phase sequenced into the next as though I’ve scripted a play.

I told stories to myself perfecting each minute.

I skated on thin ice.

Ideas became goals of drafted love letters in my mind.

Achieving was conceivable and the instant I began to forget I remembered writing each moment into the next.

Forging a passport into the whole of what is unknowns the day began dawning.

This day written, a story to live light as the sun burning a scar into core of life.

Forever began where butterflies chase rainbows and all the inequities inside breathed free of any unforeseen tomorrows.

This was supposed to be my day.

Weightlessness became a safe place in the dark.

I saved this day in my mind where the providence of eternity unravels the hopes and dreams we’ve hidden.

Simple became a sunset where the weight of the world took flight and every thought saved the earth.

I am the journalist of humanity where change is the air in the lungs of heaven.

We are only here today and I have written it in the book of life.

Don’t worry and don’t be sad.

We reassure ourselves as we run forward to the future this day will be okay.

Change is what happened yesterday and tomorrow is a fear we grasp looking into the eyes of children who don’t care any more.

My regard for this day is written.

The earth is spinning with hearts that fall out into the vortex of lost souls playing video games and taking needlessly without giving as they text on cell phones.

Youth is no longer young.

Forever is aimless and we are all missing the mark of hope and the hesitation of compassion where one hand holds another.

We are this day.


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