Today I would like to stop time. In this moment, which might be my last, but, isn’t I want to suspend time. Today for some time uncalculated I want to walk. I want to walk and dwell on all the things I’ve left undone. Those things put off for a tomorrow that doesn’t come, but might. Before the days is done I will race for the finish line without stumbling. I will complete a good day, but I may not win. It will be alright.  The heavy breaths of despair will be no more when I loosen the reins of time and carry on. My voice will be a weapon and in the tomorrow that has yet to reflect self back to me I will not quit. I will stand still in time and for moment draw a breath. Time doesn’t know we can’t accept the movement toward a horizon we can’t see. in this moment everything is alright. This day will come to an end.

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