don’t give up

don’t give up

words I speak to myself

with a heart that cannot hear

you cannot understand

the needs i choke back

as you turn away

don’t give up

too proud to ask for help

I walk down to the river

because it’s not as it was planned to be

tomorrow can’t be seen

in dreams I held yesterday

don’t give up

when the world is your parade

all you say comes in breaths

furious with contempt

words fall fused

a life you cannot save

don’t give up

as the chill begins to crawl

and slip from the arms

that no longer hold me close

because it’s easier for you to let go

and drown my soul in kaleidoscope falls

trying to save a life

you can’t find

muddy waters of a mind

lost in the decadence

as silence slips from your lips

you can’t save what you don’t want


when love is a force you cannot feel


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