How I Am

I’m just some girl from the middle of nowhere trying to get to somewhere

man, you don’t need to look down on me I already do it to myself


I’m on a road I try to travel and get diverted to the gravel in the middle

no need to kick dirt up at me I’ve fallen in it tripping over my own ideas


Just a girl searching for her purpose and trying to make a difference

No need to check in on me I think I’m doing fine – alone


Yeah, I get lonely and sometimes I cry at night, but that’s okay

we all hit rock bottom on the way to somewhere else


I don’t need anything I haven’t worked for myself

handouts aren’t the needs I’ve ever felt


Just trying to hold life together hoping that the grass isn’t greener,

just grass that leads me back to myself


Because, we’re all lost before we’re found as we strive for higher ground

in the middle of a place we know isn’t home and never can be again


The walls we build around us trap us right inside ourselves so I’m not asking

for love or comfort or anything that I can’t find within myself


Don’t tell me the rain is always followed by a sunny day

when you haven’t seen yourself beyond the clouds in your backyard


Somewhere it’s raining every day and it’s alright because the sun wasn’t for me

I kind of like the rain


Guess I’ll see you around again

If you find yourself talking about me make the story grander than I am

Just the way you know how to do


Just remember to tell them I’m not as cold as you’ve made me out to be

I’m just doing it my way and I’m alright for now

Maybe you should have asked, “How are you?” before you told everyone

how I am

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