Words. Words they sting with bitter venom.

Lies become deceptions that we render into paintings.

Creations hung on walls in empty rooms forever.

Where voices echo words you said from faceless images left for dead.


Hearts. Hearts get broken.

Time. Time goes unnoticed.

Where the looking glass once stood.

Now the room reflects the void just like it should.


Lies. Lies they drift beyond the lust.

Dying. Dying reminds us.

Never say you know the man.

Cause words can break him into sand.


And, dust. Dust where we all come from.

Nothing before us nothing later.

This world it promised happily ever after.

Promises just lies from a master.


Void. Void is where I am.

The hole where I began.

No one saw me no one will.

Time will tell who life will kill.


Shadows. Shadows cast on vacant halls.

Halls where doors shut closed and voices fall.

Life goes on but dust still calls like shadows on the vacant walls.


Dying never promised living and life once called where

echoes linger for love that saw

the void was filled until death brought



words can kill.



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