you lied

you don’t get to break me

fake me

tell lies and hate me

you can’t drop a line on me

so just let me be

let me be free

from the words that

forsake the love I gave you

cause being and feeling is something you earn

the world becomes too much to face

when the man who gave you life

takes yours away

no, you don’t get to break my heart

i stood by your side from the start

but celebrating for someone else was too much

and you can’t illuminate a distant touch

of the hand you never held out to me

and the memories that speed

past us to beyond the need

i’ve started to replace

with the lies that bridged the space

before your heart turned cold

with every word you told

behind the back of distinguished pride

where your mind told you to hide

and make me another of your mistakes

and time won’t heal the defacing ow who I was

when you felt yourself falling

needing me without calling

I stood there

needing someone to know you feel

because life is hard, and death is real

and now you’re not here

when the world stopped turning and the sky turned clear

with clouds descending on the love I gave

long after you threw the dying flowers

and didn’t need me to pass the hours

no you don’t get to break me

mock me

lie about me

fake me

but never do you get to break me down

cause I’m no longer your invincible clown

remember? the one you sat aside

so you could seek someone else to stroke your pride

while they smiled and said remember when

you made me cry

cause sometimes nothing can heal the lie

as the world takes up spinning

around your damaged pride

you lied




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