Oneday you will feel what I went through because of the lies you crafted while no one was looking.

In time you’ll feel the emptiness of no one seeing through the cloud of deceit to stand beside you.

One day you’ll feel the hurt you caused when you exploited me to meet your emotional needs and then cast me out like the trash you don’t need.

The only thing we truly own going into tomorrow is the places we’ve been, the people we’ve loved, and all that we can carryin memory.

Things aren’t real. They can’t feel your love or pain. Things falsify the belief that what we have is more important than who we have. In reality we don’t take who we have with us either.

Just the memories go forward.

I tremble at the keyboard thinking and wondering backwards why someone you loved and trusted could lash out with bitter hatred and lies.

I force myself to move forward remembering only the truths I thougth I knew. Reflecting on the way love felt when I was naive and child like in a belief that family’s don’t lie and make each other cry.

I move forward one foot in front of the other.


It’s okay being alone.

We live alone in our mind.

We die alone.

We laugh with our own voice even in the choir of hysterical joy. Our voice is ours alone.

Oneday, I hope your voice decides not to break the people who loved you to the core of who you were.

Oneday, I hope you use your voice to build paths leading to the wonder of a garden.

You voice belongs to only you.

When the lights go out, people know the truth.


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