Shattered Soul

In the beginning you were everything the sun and moon couldn’t be. You rose to the bekoning of a cry, smiled at the notions in time, and danced while no one was watching but us. Family.

Time moved swift on wings we dare to see. Strings that bound loosened and lost. New avenues of discovery replaced the old. We were born again and grown to reach a destiny we call the end. Beginnings.

And in moments of your allowance we soured. When you grew dark I tried to light the way. Sometimes I stayed there where the bridge to your life was diverted to the path of mine. We were okay for that time. Living.

Darkness came calling and shattered every window to the soul of us in the morning smiling. You couldnt breath and I spared my breath to keep yours exhaling from the chasim of a place no one wanted to go. I held on to you and them and us. You drifted to the place where good-bye was forever. There’s no hope. Death.

And now, alone when the morning sun rings shyly through the bedroom window it brings home memories of you and us. Family. Once we were and now we cannot be. Lies cascading from the dark move slowly through the valley between time and you and suffocate the melody in our voices. We are no more even though we are here still. Life.

The cycle will return again in the spring of life and together we will sing and dance. Life won’t hurt and death won’t steal what life carried on without my soul alone.

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