Bequeathed Thy Lies

no words were spoken

the rules faded in gloom

laid upon the shelf 

of broken dreams and 

half jested schemes

where you played victim 

and I drown in guilt

there therapeutic music moaned

to lure the quest of the jury

covering the face of time

in a pew alone strangers on one side

resides a mask darkening 

the face of trust once acquainted

who will convict the sentence?

who will be the judge?

You said you knew the king

now the final draft of the soliloquy 

where conviction lay levied upon

the one who delighted in pleasing you

with every request and each small deed

I dug a grave to lay

in the offenses you foretold 

for pride you traded lies

and acceptance of impending doom

you shunned the love handed freely

for words spoken behind the cloak

your stag a dagger dripping of twisted tales

you are what you have done to us

the capture of your audience

now speaks of you in vain

his words never a good father 

and to the wife nay never kind he was

and you delight in twisting the 

ropes to our necks you’ve already tied

to impart the fictional character 

who resembles the teacher

of treachery and joy

hostility and pride

while seeking refuge in his reinforced lies

Only one query remains

when the occasional daunting 

foreshadows who I was for you

trickling from the place I set it

airtight away from thought

hauntingly stalking the night, 

it bids I catechize once again

antecedent to who I am 

why on me have you lied?

Didn’t I hold your hand?

Didn’t speak the words you asailed?

and to the malice of your co-conspirator 

for shame the thoughts 

of wickedness and 

self-indulgence he forbode

when right is left

and left I went

you said right was wrong

and then the story became untold

in a mind where lingers 

a dark self-righteous claim

to know of another the entitlement

and tell the life for which is not thine

the way it shall have lived

survival of the fittest

and raise the glass to toast

the one who underscores and

steals the lustful show

of greed and contemplation

of malice and hostility

you don’t know the soul

of the one you blinded from 

memory so long ago

You don’t chasten the gauntlet

of time for all who quest

leave the mercy of my soul

when I fail to pass your test

where dreams and kindness linger

in the faces of my life

due test a fortitude

you lash out at will

long after the stalker of darkness 

marked his prey and killed

No one will ever know the love

of the one who spews his hate

in effort to shun the lingering bond

surely bound to heaven’s gate

where whence the whining wain 

of deceit will follow in your steps

and truth be known for all receipt

forgiveness will it assay 

Come day come nay before I fail

to relieve the ache of a plague

the constant bridle of reprieve

I need to gaze upon your face

where in finally I can speak

and say my heart is light

for all you laid upon my grave

where silence had been golden

to the lies you now twist as fate

to the ones who loved 

the ones who cried

at the contemptuousness

you repaid with lies

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