Walk sweetly child, careful where you feet.

In the darkness lurk the torrid current where fate and destiny meet .

In the sunlight a ray of warm will touch your face.

Linger longer and suffer the burning kiss of a contemplative pace.

Step wisely regarding all you call your own.

Time amid the shaded tree is the only place you’ll call home.



Rainbows aren’t real.

Reflections can’t be touched.

I can’t reach the stars and I try so hard to touch the sky.

Where the rainbows shine, I know I’ll miss it when it’s gone from sight.

Where I hold it in my soul.

Because rainbows aren’t real.

So when we dance I’ll sing you the song.

Where rainbows fly and dreams are born.

Wishing wishes on dancing stars.

Where the dark stores the sun.

In the sky that makes the rainbows seem so real in the break of day.

The sun and the skies lie.

Going Home

We’ll roll down a winding road just to feel the wind upon our skin. When laughter dies, well hold each other as you cry. When we’re lonely enough well go home.

Take a breath and take it slow. Going home. Going home.

We’re all looking for someone to share our souls and someone to walk awhile through the echoes of our long agos. We’ll go home.

Don’t blink an eye, take the time to cry. Going home. Going home.

For a time I’ll curse myself for things we’d never done. Everyone holds a dream and dreams don’t last. For you dear I’ll whisper your name as you go home. Going home.

Don’t write a poem, not for me, I’m going home. Going home.

And when the night skies twinkle with stars and fire flies there’ll be no more time, but time it doesn’t last. So my dear, build a bridge to the past and make it last cause I’m going home. Going home.

Take one more breath and take it slow. Going home. Going home.

Tomorrow, no tomorrow’s already gone. The presence of time rages on. I can’t, no I can’t say goodbye not this time. I’m going home. Going home.

Going home one last time.

It’s a Lie – Words Can Hurt Me

Sticks and stones are weapons and words…words can hurt me.

Sticks that break bones cause pain and though I fear the rumors that cause waves in the tide of human nature.

The ocean of forgiveness is deep, yet the failing courage to brave the unknown in shark infested waters I hang my head and stand alone.

I protest the wrong silently in a vein attempt to buy time in a place I chose to be, want to be, need to be.

Effort is the scarlet letter of vengeance pinned to my chest by one born of hatred and bread in the beating womb of evil.

I wear these wounds like decorations.

I will not keep score, for I hold more value in  integrity, more conscience than tears.

Amplifying silent screams of loneliness in a cave of dark lies and intwined disgrace for the words spoken like shells from a 12 gauge thrusting the normal we knew into the cavernous hole of where we never wanted to be,

The failing heart beats slowly now, thoughts clouded in sympathies few dare to offer, so they stare.

Capitalism and Socialism threaten to take over a nation of the brave, yet few care in silence and spread noise on their own porch echoing vibrations in their own hallways.

They won’t come too close.

So I stand so I can be seen and through the changing of the tide rise, rise high and grab the sun by reverberating rays.

I leap over than the words swung low and cowardly.

Know it or not the words, those every words that defeat me impeach me to reach beyond the diligence compacted in their untruths.

Like a carnivorous animal I digest and regress to a place where fairytales and God coexist in a reality conceived by man.

There in the sacredness of what we only hope to know I am sure those words which cut like the thief’s dull knife will slowly retreat with the ebbing of the tide.

There in that place I am free from the words you cast at me.


Frosted promise in autumn presence cascading in slight breezes.

A playful kaleidoscope of yellow and orange is filled.

Where summer play exuberantly ceases dastardly chill slowly increases.

Taste of Love

Show me how to love deeper like a slow walk in the rain storm long after the sun’s gone down.

Believing the sun can move and forever stands still for just another day.

Revolving around you, music in the clouds little birds dancing to our words.

If only there was more time to taste the excitement under clouds at night.

My nakedness a revealing cold as the emotion in your heart brings us together.

We lock eyes without meaning.

The edge we’re sitting on is a narrow lonely place.

We clamber thoughts of who we are without realizing we are already here in this moment a second becomes a forever we can’t erase.

Where we wish for rainbows we’ve never seen and taste their cotton candy colors like cherry drops.

Our tastes do deceive.

My heart stops grabbing ahold of your despondent soul.

We laugh for a while as I cry silent hoping for a sign.

Maybe tonight I’ll take your hand if you let me.

Love shouldn’t be so hard in a place where there is no second chance at today and love can be ripped away.

Take a walk with me dear one more time in the rain and replay the movement of that still sun as it falls to the ground before I walk away.

Forever goes down as the world moves round and round.

Forever a somewhere only we know because we danced there in our dreams.

Simple life where have your gone.

This taste I’m tasting such salty tears not  candy only bitterness and fear.

Fear illusive and all knowing in the darkness where I silently feel for your hand one last time.

Maybe someday I’ll see you again and we won’t focus on the end.

Remember Being Alone

Remember how we used to be, feet dangling swinging back and forth.

Remember how school days were stress free times of meet me at the slide at recess and did you pass the spelling test.

Remember how our parents told us to look both ways before we cross and when we fell in love we looked both ways, but fell anyway.

We seem to have forgot.

How the summer air was not hot like it is now and riding bikes on unpaved roads exhilarated us like an ocean cruise to a foreign island where only you and I existed.

There on the shore hidden by fronds eating saltine crackers awhile sipping koolaide from a Happy Days thermos saved from last years lunch box we talked about forever and moving far away.

we promise we’d always be together even though it was a lie.

Remember when Saturday mornings consisted of Scooby-Do and running outside to play barefoot at the park.

Swinging until her mother let her come out to play too.

Now, time is not enough and being is less than being seen and heard.

Our lifelines are articulated in grave detail with a presence of disjointed acronyms and verbs out of place.

I want to be not be known. I want to rise up in a world that says because I am not like you I do not belong.

I want to make mountains bow to the majesty of my word, the word I know, that carnal collaboration I have with me.

Remember the esoteric risk of a lie meant she wouldn’t come back.

Second chances were for bingo and kickball not you and me.

Those ostentatious  moments before he picked  you up for prom  and she tucked a stray curl as you looked hopeful into the eyes of a mother who could not believe the beauty she had held safe at her breast short years before was now embarking on independence.

I remember when we stood for a body of people like you, and me, and her, and he. Now we stands for me amid the onlookers and score keepers of a society wrapped up in the angst world of me first, and mine is best and no matter what I matter more.

Remember when there was a simpler time.

Sunday mornings laying across the bed talking on a phone that only reached from here to there.

Remember when hope was hope and not accessible by credit cards, and loans, pay it tomorrow.

Like broken hearts we string on a line in a gray area of what was yours is now mine.

I hope we can remember when for a while longer and spread it like melting butter over a generation of children oblivious to the we in a sweet and savory tomorrow.

I want to remember when voices of hatred were heard by few and laughter resonated in spaces between you and me.

Remember when being broken hearted meant words jotted on loose leaf paper.

Do you remember? Circle yes or no.

That was a time when brokenhearted meant being alone and not traded in like some overpriced car for a newer model.

Remember when love was love and commitment was a word we didn’t have to speak.

When being with you was better than being alone.