quintessential images manufactured

with tendrils enticing memories


unable to endure what the eye cannot see

treading toward extinction

scheming fond illusions in the mind where

God and man

unable to endure the likeness in one another’s image



now he loves me

no he won’t

half a lie

drop the flower

destroyed petals

leaving scars where

pastel nights once

canvased the speed of light

in rainbows we couldn’t see

with eyes of diamonds

and mist

falling thick upon

the frozen land where

love once grew

in plastic crates

holding broken pieces

tattered hearts of shame

believing love was real

regretting the game

break away

if you hurt me

its okay

i can break away

from you

so please don’t say

you won’t hurt me

if we change as

time stands still

spinning on the axis

music we cannot feel

and dreams we cannot hear

i will remember

you whisper through the phone

of magical times we hoped we’d share

in that world beyond the now

we cannot bare

the loneliness

when we’re together

and can’t see each other

crying out for love

that won’t break away

from a coast in a world

where we want to be

don’t give up

don’t give up

words I speak to myself

with a heart that cannot hear

you cannot understand

the needs i choke back

as you turn away

don’t give up

too proud to ask for help

I walk down to the river

because it’s not as it was planned to be

tomorrow can’t be seen

in dreams I held yesterday

don’t give up

when the world is your parade

all you say comes in breaths

furious with contempt

words fall fused

a life you cannot save

don’t give up

as the chill begins to crawl

and slip from the arms

that no longer hold me close

because it’s easier for you to let go

and drown my soul in kaleidoscope falls

trying to save a life

you can’t find

muddy waters of a mind

lost in the decadence

as silence slips from your lips

you can’t save what you don’t want


when love is a force you cannot feel


Scene 2 Act 3

you blame your father

he blames you

shrinking inside the delicate balance

for making him stronger

you are made weak

plotting the retort

disdain and defeat

to the jabs of a knife

swords cast

anvil solid

contentment and peace

a disease

contagious with rejection

fear and retort

circles of love



pieces falling amid another storm

hiding from light

the fog of truth blanketing

skid marks

left by demons who fell to their knees

before you became


promise me this

when cold begins to crawl

and limbs begin to tremble

eyes close to sleep

and August becomes December

you will in eternal rest

wake from your joyous magnification

slip silently in return

and whisper so sweetly

as you did when we denied your lament

and promised with eloquent grace

to come back and deliver a glimpse

so the tattered edges of my soul

no longer in denial would fain

get a little rest