Happy New Year

As summer draws to a close the sidewalks leading to public school buildings will once again be swept in preparation for children. Parents contemplate which teacher their child’s name will be given to and hopes for that small, personal learning environment that will feed and nurture the development of their precious child. The newness a brand new school year has to offer is a cleansing and refreshing as the New Year, you know the proverbial resolution time.

Yes, friends, it is resolution time. As our children walk through the school doors to embrace their fate and fortune for the next school year, it is time we begin thinking about relationships. I am not talking about that lucky someone you are in love with, but adult relationships. During the school year we as adults find ourselves in a multitude of adult relationships. Some of these important interactions are parent to parent, teacher to teacher, parent to teacher, and community member to community member. Adult relationships are the mentor or role-model to children as they learn and develop their student to teacher relationships. Sadly we often heft the burden of communication on the child. Notes from parents to teacher and teacher to parent are sent to and from home to the public school building. The break down in effective communication often takes place right there with the child’s unintentional lack of responsibility.

We must not relegate our children to the role of messenger. I am asking parents, teachers, and administrators to begin building strong open, effective, and honest relationships with one another. If we communicate in positive manners even when the interactions are frustrating we will model to our children the importance and effectiveness of strong communication. We can truly make this new year for our children and ourselves a year of positive interactions and ultimate growth for our children.

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